Ann has been a design professional since 1978, working on both residential and commercial applications. She has experience in lighting, textiles, window treatments, and all home interior furnishings. Helping people with resales and investment properities has been a successful part of her business as well as new homeowners or folks just wanting a fresh new look.

Here are some quotes from Ann's customers:

“Faced with painting every room in a big Victorian by the sea, Ann took the burden off me by guiding me through the decision process so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. The colors just flow from one room to another and her suggestions really enhanced the beautiful architecture of the home.” -Katherine Clark

“I was preparing to sell an investment property and needed to know the way to present the home in the most marketable way. Ann’s color choices proved quite successful, as we fetched our ‘reach price.’ And by the way, the new buyers liked Ann’s choice of fixtures and colors so much they’ve hired her to help them with other projects.” -Matt Roman

“I wished I had met Ann sooner; not only are her design ideas cutting edge and her suggestions for my newly renovated home beautiful, but knowing that I was spending so much money didn’t prevent her from finding ways to be economical too. Ann has consulted with me extensively on two of my properties and her services are simply invaluable. She is my savior! And at the end of the day, not only is she a super designer and decorator, she is such a pleasure to work with.” -Peg Botte

“I have very strong preferences for fabrics and colors and I love working with Ann because she does not impose her own taste on my projects; instead she works with my color or theme and enhances my ideas making them much better than I could ever come up with on my own. She helps make my dream or vision my reality. She is a true miracle worker with window treatments.” -Linda O’Koniewski

“I loved my home and had spent years making it just right. Unfortunately, I did most of my decorating in the 1970’s and my house looked ready for a re-make of the Brady Bunch. When I needed a new millennium look I turned to Ann – she is the breath of fresh air and ideas I needed.” -Mary and Ralph LePage

“Thank God for Ann’s patience, understanding and good sense of humor! I’m especially grateful that she believes me when I say I’m on a budget – thankfully with her talent no one else will know.” -Eileen Hamblin